Wednesday, June 29, 2016

This Week's Freebie from 1937 Flood

This week's freebie features a tune from a wonderful reunion we had last night.

It's always special when Floodster Emeritus Jacob Scarr comes home from Colorado for a Flood family reunion, and last night we had a little surprise waiting for Youngblood. It's been since his last trip home that Doug Chaffin got his sweet little Paul Reed Smith electric guitar, and Doug was eager to put it in Jacob's hands for a few tunes, like this one.

Back a few years ago when Jacob was a regular in the band before he left for college in Boulder, we combined a couple of classic blues numbers -- Willie Dixon's "Hoochie Coochie Man" and Muddy Waters' "Seventh Son" -- to make a special showcase number just for Jacob, and last night we revisited that tune for the first time in years, with Jacob wailing on Doug's guitar. Click to hear the tune.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

This Week's Freebie from The 1937 Flood

This week's freebie features a tune we've worked up for a special weekend gig.

The Flood is pleased to be part of the opening night of Huntington's Jewel City Jamboree this weekend down by the riverside.

We'll be playing at 5:30 Friday evening at Harris Riverfront Park as part of a great lineup of more than a half dozen bands on that night alone, including Larry Cordle and Lonesome Standard Time and Riders in the Sky!

We in The Flood plan to try out a few new arrangements during our set, including this one that we worked out last night for a classic Tom Paxton tune. Click to hear the tune.